Banded collar shirts are more being seen in today’s casual and formal wear. Originated from the mandarin collar shits, the banded collar shirts are a bridge between formal and casual wear. If you want to look professional, but shit a bit lay back, these are the shirts to wear. You can also see it the other way around. If you want a casual wear, but still remain a bit formal the banded collar shirt is the best option.

It all depends on how you dress the rest of your outfit with the style. A denim jeans plus a few buttons open will lead to a more casual approach, but a formal trouser with all buttons closed will lead to a more formal look.

Banded Collar Shirts for Men

Banded collar shirts for men can give a distinction in style. A Friday or weekend day will exaggerate a more casual wear. Wearing it during the week will look as a formal but non-nonchalant way to portray your style.

Banded Collar Shirts for Women

Banded collar shirts for women are seen the most. Especially when there is a formal occasion, women can style there wardrobe with a lot of banded collar shirts. A shirt mixed with the mandarin collar shit will be perceived as a professional look. You will see the shirt less in a more casual wear for women. While it could portrait a amazing look with a casual jeans and sneakers.