Polo shirts for men are seen widespread. A Henley Polo shirt is not only less seen, but are now even widely available. Once you have found the perfect polo you can mix it in any dress code you will encounter. The comfort of a polo shirt plus the style of a henley will create a powerfull style.

Henley Polo’s for Men

Polo shirts for men are available everywhere. Almost each brand will a a assortment of Polo shirts for men. Not each brand will have a Henley Polo shirt in there assortment. While these have a more stylish look and will make you stand out of the crowd.

Henley Polo’s for Women

Polo shirts for women are lesser seen in today’s wear. Imagine the Henley Polo shirt, these are almost impossible to find for women. Which is a pitty, because a Henley Polo shirt will add you own style to your fashion wear.