Henley Shirts have a long history. The story all starts in a English town Henley-on-Thames. 60 miles east of London there this town is located next to the river Thames. A small town with a lot of water is sure to have a rowing team. The uniform of the traditional rowing team was a crew neck knit shirt with a banded collar and a multi-button placket that extends from the neck to the middle of the chest. It’s characterized by a placket beneath the round neckline, usually having 2 to 5 buttons. Another way to look at the shirt is a polo shirt with no collar. The sleeves may be either short or long, and it can be made in almost any fabric. The most popular fabrics are cotton, cotton-polyester blends and thermals.

Originated from rowing nowadays other sport brands also carry the shirt in their product range.This season different clubs and national teams have a Henley Shirts as a tenue. This season one of the biggest soccer clubs Real Madrid and the German squad are playing in a adidas henley shirt. And in the picture below you’ll see the French squad in a Nike henley collar shirt. One of the advantages of the Henley shirt is that the masculinity of a person comes out. So with soccer players wearing the shirt they are already on a advantage when stepping on the pitch. It brings fear to the other squad.

Vintage is back! The henly collar was already popular in the seventies and the shirt is becoming more popular these days. Most retailers carry a henley collar in their product selection and the prices range from low to very high depending on the brand and materials. We think that these types of shirts are the latest trend to distinquish yourself from the pack. If you want to stand out from the crowd than there is only one option for you.

Henley Shirts for Men

Henley shirts for men are the most seen on the streets. Men tend to use these shirts more. Either for on a casual Friday or during the weekend. If you want a bit more style than a normal shirt, the Henley is the best option to go for.


Henley Shirts for Women

Henley shirts for women are not so common. A more nonchalant approach has been perceived. While women tend to see a Henley shirt more for men, the difference can be made. Think out of the box and try a Henley shirt, it will change your mind.